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A very important investment in the future
Founded by Principal, Tom Colligan, the nonprofit professional for hire brings extensive, relevant nonprofit leadership, transition planning, fund development, and capacity building experience, a history of helping clients achieve success, and customized services matched to your nonprofit organization’s unique circumstances. We combine this with access to our best-in-class, trusted, knowledgeable partners to support institutional expertise needs and costs savings associated with bringing in experts.

Whether your organization’s environment is highly stable with little need for change or improvement, or unstable with a desire for much-needed, beneficial change, we can help. Regardless of whether you engage us an interim executive director or as another interim leader, hire us to oversee the establishment of a new relationship with another organization, or need our help with fund development, you’ll reap the benefits of a nonprofit leadership consultant with outstanding organizational, analytical, intuitive, listening, implementation, coaching, financial development and analysis, change management, problem resolution, and prioritization skills. Plus, you’ll benefit from a leader who is skilled at communicating with all levels of organizational stakeholders and who remains calm and cool-headed even in the most chaotic environments and situations.

We recognize that while nonprofits have much in common, each has its own unique mission, constituencies, financial resources, and challenges. That means each assignment or project requires an approach, strategy, materials, array of services, and time commitment that is specifically tailored to the client organization. All services provided by the nonprofit professional for hire are custom-designed by Tom, based on a preliminary consultation and mutual challenges and opportunities analysis with the client. Based on this initial discussion and review, it will be determined what activities must be completed for project or assignment success, and which deliverables will be delivered by Tom personally and/or by members of expert partner firms. This pre-project-launch work ensures that you will receive the highest caliber, best-matched resources available to meet assignment or project objectives.

Our Key Services include:

  Serving as your nonprofit’s interim senior leader or manager. We can be and have been engaged by countless, well-respected nonprofit organizations, to serve as an interim executive director, director of development services, or manager or director of other functional areas/departments. We bring objectivity, a fresh perspective and new ideas to any interim leadership role. As part of our engagement, we not only provide day-to-day administrative leadership, we can assess operational needs and key staff, and resolve critical problems to free-up a new executive director or leader.

  Facilitating mergers, partnerships, collaborations, and alliances. We offer a comprehensive spectrum of relationship-building services to help you achieve your desired outcome related to the aforementioned, beginning with the initial step of identifying potential organizations with which to merge, partner, collaborate, or to form an alliance. We’ll facilitate discussions with organizations we identify, or, if you’ve already identified an organization with whom you want to establish a relationship, we’ll facilitate discussions on your behalf to help you move toward goal completion.

We can take you through the entire process of issuing a Request For Proposal (RFP) and selecting an awardee for your RFP, or respond on your behalf to a proposal from another organization. the nonprofit professional for hire partners with you, your staff, board, and committees to invest in pre-proposal discussions. This time investment will effectively determine your needs and the services that best address your institution’s challenges, and assure that issues are matched with the most effective resources.  We’ll oversee the committee responsible for evaluating RFP responses and provide tools and direction for response evaluation. Lastly, we’ll serve as liaison to and negotiator with the one or several organizations, selected through the RFP process, to achieve a final agreement, which we will craft on your behalf.

  Designing and executing a fund development strategic plan. As part of creating a fund develop strategic plan, we’ll recommend specific tactics/activities to affect increased fundraising revenue, provide professional coaching to your Director of Development or to another individual or team of individuals responsible for development success, and recommend positioning strategies for a capital campaign. We can also review your current development plan and make recommendations to improve its effectiveness. In sum, we serve as a Financial Development Consultant for annual campaigns, capital campaigns, endowment development and major gift strategies.

the nonprofit professional for hire places unprecedented importance on ethical practices and client satisfaction. We bring the following to each and every client engagement:

  Professional Leadership for Challenging Situations and Transitions
  Implementation of Sustainable Change
  Crisis Management Through Bold, Creative Solutions
  Development of New Opportunities Through Collaborative Thinking and Listening
  Connections and Access to Expert Resources

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the nonprofit professional for hire places unprecedented importance on ethical practices and client satisfaction.
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